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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Baby Rattle

I was recently asked to make a star baby rattle for a friend's first grandbaby and I couldn't resist sharing it with you!

This sweet little star measures 6.5" across and works up fairly quickly with minimal supplies.


60 yards Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton (shown in Buttercup)

3.75mm F Hook

Needle for weaving in ends



Embroidery floss for eyes

Rattle Insert (I purchased mine on Amazon)

If you would like to purchase an AD FREE PDF you can find it on Etsy and Ravelry for a small fee.


Ch: Chain

SC: Single Crochet

SLST: Slip Stitch (work the SLST into the back loop of the first SC of the round. Then, work the first SC into both loops of the same stitch. This will hide your SLST)

SK: Skip stitch

F/O: Finish Off

This rattle is worked in 2 panels, and then attached together and edged.

Front and Back Panels:

Make 2

Round 1: Work 5 SC into a magic circle, pull tight, SLST to join, ch1 (5)

Round 2: 2SC into each stitch around, SLST, ch1, (10)

Round 3: *2SC, SC* repeat around, SLST, ch1 (15)

Round 4: *SC 2, 2SC* repeat around, SLST, ch1, (20)

Round 5: *2SC, SC 3* repeat around, SLST, ch1 (25)

Round 6: *SC 4, 2SC* repeat around, SLST, ch1, (30)

Round 7: *2SC, SC 5* repeat around, SLST, ch1 (35)

Round 8: *SC 6, 2SC* repeat around, SLST, ch1 (40)


Row 1: SC 8, ch1, turn. (8)

Row 2: SC 8, ch1, turn. (8)

Row 3: SK 1, SC 7, ch1, turn. (7)

Row 4: SK 1, SC 6, ch1, turn. (6)

Row 5: SK 1, SC 5, ch1, turn. (5)

Row 6: SK 1, SC 4, ch1, turn. (4)

Row 7: SK 1, SC 3, ch1, turn. (3)

Row 8: SK 1, SC 2, ch1, turn. (2)

Row 9: SK 1, SC 1, ch1, turn to work down the side of the point. (1)

SC 7 down side of the point, SLST into the same stitch as the last stitch of Row 1

Repeat instructions four more times, (5 points total)

SLST into the same stitch as the first SC of Row 1, SC 7 up the side of the point, 3SC into the top of the point, SC 7 down the side of the point, SLST into the base of the point. Repeat four more times. F/O for first panel. Do not finish off second panel.

Embroider eyes onto second panel with embroidery floss, Line up both panels and SC all the way around, filling with Poly-fil as you go, place rattle insert into the center of the star. F/O and weave in ends.

For more baby rattle patterns, check out my Little Lion Baby Rattle and my You Are My Sunshine Baby Rattle

I hope you have enjoyed making this baby rattle and that it brought a smile to your face! I would love to see your finished rattles. Please tag me on Instagram @carol_hladik_designs using hashtag #littlestarbabyrattle and on Facebook at Carol's Creations for You.

Happy Crocheting!

~ Carol

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