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Little Lion Baby Rattle Free Crochet Pattern

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I have been busy making baby items for the past few months. It seems like I have so many friends expecting and what better gift than a handmade one?

The You Are My Sunshine Baby Rattle was such a hit, I had to make a few more rattle designs.

Let me introduce you to the Little Lion Baby Rattle.

If you would like the downloadable PDF of this pattern you can find it by clicking the following links.

This little guy is sure to steal you heart with his sweet little face and big eyes.

To make this rattle you will need the following materials:

Cotton Yarn in Yellow, Orange, Black and White

I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton in Curry, Tart Orange, Ivory, and Black

3.75 mm F Hook

Needle for weaving in ends



Rattle Insert

Finished size: 5.5” diameter

You will begin by making two panels, one in yellow and one in orange.

Front and Back Panels:

Make 1 Yellow (front), and 1 Orange (back)

Round 1: Work 6 SC into a magic circle, pull tight, SLST to join, ch1 (6)

Round 2: 2SC into each stitch around, SLST, ch1, (12)

Round 3: *2SC, SC* repeat around, SLST, ch1 (18)

Round 4: *SC 2, 2SC* repeat around, SLST, ch1, (24)

Round 5: *2SC, SC 3* repeat around, SLST, ch1 (30)

Round 6: *SC 4, 2SC* repeat around, SLST, ch1, (36)

Round 7: *2SC, SC 5* repeat around, SLST, ch1 (42)

Round 8: *SC 6, 2SC* repeat around, SLST, ch1 (48)

Round 9: *2SC, SC 7* repeat around, SLST, ch1 (54)

Round 10: SC around, SLST, ch1 (54)

Round 11: *SC 8, 2SC* repeat around, SLST, ch1 (60)

Round 12: SC around, SLST, F/O (60)


With Ivory

Round 1: Chain 5, 2SC into the 2nd chain from hook, SC 2, 4SC into last chain, turn to work down the back of the chain, SC 2, 2SC into the last stitch, SLST, ch1 (12)

Round 2: 2SC, SC 4, 2SC, 2SC, SC 4, 2SC, SLST, F/O leaving a long tail to attach. (16)

With Black

Row 1: Chain 3, SC in 2nd ch and across, ch1, turn (2)

Row 2: SC2TOG, Chain 1, pull tight. F/O leaving a long tail

Lay the nose over the top of the ivory piece lining up Row 3 of the nose to the center of the ivory piece. Using a needle, insert the tail of the black piece through the center of the ivory piece, around the bottom, and back through the center. (see pictures below)

Lay the nose in the center of the yellow panel lining up the upper edge of the ivory piece with the center of the yellow panel. Attach the ivory piece to the yellow panel with the ivory tail. Once the ivory piece is attached, attach the black nose with the black tail.

Eyes: make 2

With Black:

Round 1: Work 5 SC into a magic circle, pull tight, SLST into first stitch, ch1 (5)

Round 2: Work 2 SC into each of the first 2 stitches, Change to Ivory, Working into the Back Loops, work 2SC into each of the next 3 stitches, SLST into the first stitch, F/O (10)

Attach to yellow panel as shown in photo below.

Ears: Make 4

With yellow

Row 1: Chain 4, SC into the 2nd chain and across, ch1 turn (3)

Row 2: SC 2, 2SC, turn to work down back of chain, 2SC, SC 2, ch1, turn (8)

Row 3: SC 3, 2SC, 2SC, SC 3, F/O (10)

Align 2 ears and SC around Row 3 to secure them together. Repeat for second set.

Attach Ears to back side of Round 11 on Yellow panel with a whip stitch leaving 10 stitches between ears. This leaves Round 12 open to work the mane stitches into.

Joining the panels

With wrong sides facing, and orange panel facing up insert hook into first stitch between the ears and ch1. SC 10, insert hook into the first stitch behind the ear, insert hook through the ear and into the next stitch on the yellow panel. Pull up a loop and SLST. Repeat to end of ear.

SC around joining two panels together until 15 stitches remain. Stuff toy and add rattle insert. When you get to the second ear, repeat instructions from first ear. SLST into first stitch, ch1.

Mane: (HDC, DC, HDC) all in the same stitch, SLST into next stitch. Repeat around. When you get to the ear, pull ear toward you and work into Round 12 of the yellow panel so the mane is in front of the ears. SLST into first stitch of round, F/O.


I hope you enjoyed making this rattle and I can’t wait to see your finished pieces! Please tag me on Instagram using #littlelionbabyrattle

If you would like to stay up to date on my current projects be sure to sign up for my email list and follow along on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Happy Crocheting Friends! ~Carol

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