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Tech Editing Services

I have openings for Tech Editing and Pattern Grading Services

for Knit and Crochet Patterns.  

Are you a knit and/or crochet designer who writes patterns?

If the answer is YES, and you do not currently have a tech editor, let's chat!

Pattern Tech Editing

Most asked questions:

What is Tech Editing and why do I need it?

This is the most common question a tech editor receives.

A tech editor’s job is similar to a detective that combs through evidence making sure they don’t miss a clue. We comb though your entire pattern line by line checking for errors in spelling, punctuation, and numbers. We look for inconsistencies within the pattern, and check all of the numbers and compare them to the gauge to make sure the right measurements are achieved. We also check for clarity in the writing and offer suggestions for better ways of wording when necessary.  The purpose of the tech editor is to make sure your pattern is the best it can be for the person who is going to be making the item.

Do I need a tech editor if I have testers?

Testers are wonderful! I have some of the best for my patterns, and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. However, a tester’s job is to make the pattern. They may catch some of the errors in numbers or spelling, but they are not focused on the pattern as a whole. I recommend having a pattern tech edited prior to testing. This gives the testers the ability to make the item as intended and makes for a smoother testing process as a whole.

What is Pattern Grading?

Pattern Grading is important in any pattern that has multiple sizes. Think clothing. For instance, sweaters, cardigans, hats, socks, or skirts. All of these items need to be graded to fit the intended size, they are not automatically a one size fits all item. Making sure that your pattern will fit as intended for each of the sizes is important. I work with charts specifically made for clothing manufactures to grade garments to be size inclusive from sizes XS to 5XL. Sizes XXS and 6X can also be added if desired by the designer. 

How much do you charge?

My current rate is $30 USD per hour. I bill in 15-minute increments and send an invoice once all editing is complete.  The amount of time required depends on the length of the pattern and the number of changes that need to be made.

How do I hire you?

If you are interested in Tech Editing services, the first step is to send me a message with a little bit about the pattern you are needing edited. I will then have you send me the pattern via email so I can look it over and get an estimate for you on the amount of time needed to complete the edit. If you are in agreement with the price, we will set a timeline and I will get you on the schedule for editing.


I am Amanda Lee, owner and knitwear designer of Lovely by Lee.  I have had the absolute privilege of working with Carol Hladik for 4+ years, both in pattern testing and tech editing.  She is prompt, professional and is clear in her communication when making edits or suggestions.  Carol is respectful of designers' writing and formatting style, and she is reliable in both skill and completing the job within a proposed timeframe.  I highly recommend Carol as both a pattern tester and tech editor, as I have been very impressed by her work ethic and congeniality.  She is an asset to the profession.

Amanda Lee From Lovely By Lee

Carol's expert eye helped me add details and corrections to my pattern that were extremely helpful. Her editing notes were clear, concise, and thorough. She responded quickly and kindly. I will definitely ask her to edit again!

Shelley Diaz From Daisy Stitch Co.

Carol is a highly-skilled, detailed-oriented and reliable tech editor.  My relationship with Carol started out with her testing some patterns for me and she always found things other testers and my previous tech editor did not catch.  Carol is my go-to resource whenever I am unsure of how to write something for a pattern or need something checked or clarified.  When she decided to become a professional technical editor, the question wasn't whether I would make the switch to working with Carol, but how quickly she was ready to get to work!  If you're looking for a professional, diligent, hardworking editor that genuinely cares about the correctness, clarity and success of your work, then I highly recommend partnering with Carol.

Ashley Parker From The Loopy Lamb

My name is Amanda Tozzi and I own a small knitwear design business called Cuddle Bunny Knits. Carol Hladik has been a test knitter for 5 patterns of mine in the past 6 months. I love the work that she does for me because of her attention to detail, both technically and grammatically.  She is courteous, professional, and has a beautiful sense of style. Whenever given the opportunity, I would hire her 10/10 times! 

Amanda Tozzi From Cuddle Bunny Knits

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carol several times. She’s tested several of my patterns and she has always provided me with detailed, well written, and organized notes. Behind a great pattern you’ll find excellent testers, and Carol is definitely an excellent tester. I have appreciated all of her hard work and great suggestions. The most recent pattern of mine she tested, she informed me that she was working towards becoming a tech editor. She sent me a lot of really helpful information and she gives me a lot of confidence in my patterns final draft. She’s very thorough in her editing and she finds things no other testers are able to find. She’s knowledgeable on the technical aspects of pattern writing and she gives her feedback in a respectful and organized manner. Carol is also great with deadlines. I have had several awesome testers that just don’t do well with a deadline, despite their excellent notes. Carol always provides her feedback early, well before the deadline, and she continues to provide support after she’s finished through the release of the pattern. She’s continuously gone above and beyond to help you get the best possible outcome. When I work with Carol, I always feel like she truly cares about my pattern as much as I do, and that’s a great quality to have in a tester or editor.

Courtney Batchelder From The Happy Peapod

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