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Velvet Scrunchies: Two free patterns!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This Pattern is sole property of Carol Hladik Designs. Please do not copy or reproduce in any way.

You are welcome to sell finished items from this pattern.

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The Basic Scrunchy is 3” in diameter

The Ruffle Scrunchy is 4” in diameter


Velvet Yarn

Pony tail holder elastics

Size J 6.0mm crochet hook


Needle for weaving in the ends


The most difficult part of making a velvet scrunchy is securing the ends. If you don’t get them secure then every time you stretch the band you will have ends coming out. To avoid this frustration, I recommend knotting the yarn around the hairband leaving a long tail. You will thank me later!

Once the end of the yarn is secure create a loop on your crochet hook.

Basic Velvet Scrunchy

Ch2, DC 60 around Band, SLST into the top of the ch2. F/O leaving a long tail to secure.

Using a large needle weave the tail through the last DC toward the band and the beginning tail.

Tie beginning tail and ending tail together in a knot. Using a large needle weave the ending chain through a stitch to pull the knot to the inside. Cut tails.

Ruffle Velvet Scrunchy

Secure yarn to hair band using instructions from above.

Row 1: Ch1, SC 40 around Band, SLST into the first stitch, ch2 (40)

Row 2: *2DC, 3DC* repeat pattern around, SLST into ch2, F/O leaving a long tail. (100)

Secure the tail using the instructions from the Basic Velvet Scrunchy.

Happy Crocheting! I look forward to seeing your scrunchies! ~ Carol

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