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Puffy Heart Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

This Puffy Heart Crochet pattern is perfect for Valentines Day, or any day!

Using Bernat Blanket Yarn this pattern works up quickly so you can make one for someone special in time for Valentine's Day, or just because. With the wide ranges of colors offered in this yarn you are sure to find one that would be perfect for you.

I created one for my front room for Valentine's Day, and also one to add to the throw pillows on my bed. I love that the blue blanket yarn works perfectly with my décor and can be used year round.

For this project you will only need a few supplies.


Bernat Blanket Yarn main color for Pillow 220 Yards

Bernat Blanket Yarn alternate color for heart 70 yards

10 mm Crochet hook

14x14 Pillow insert

Small amount of Poly-fil for heart

The heart is stuffed with Poly-fil to make it stand out from the body of the pillow.


HDC: Half Double Crochet

HDC INC: Half Double Crochet Increase, 2 HDC in same stitch

DC: Double Crochet

DC INC: Double Crochet Increase, 2 DC in same stitch

SC: Single Crochet

SL ST: Slip Stitch

Gauge: 7 stitches & 5 rows in 4”

The pillow cover will be worked in two panels and then crocheted together around the edge.


Row 1: Chain 25, HDC in 2nd Chain and across. Ch1, turn. (24)

Row 2: HDC across, ch1, turn. (24)

Rows 3 – 18 repeat Row 2

Row 19: HDC across, F/O (24)

Repeat for second panel, do not finish off after Row 19 of second panel, instead, ch1 and set aside. You will be crocheting both panels together after attaching the heart.


With the alternate color

Row 1: Ch 3, HDC in 2nd and 3rd ch, ch1, turn. (2)

Row 2: HDC INC, HDC INC, ch1, turn. (4)

Row 3: HDC INC, HDC 2, HDC INC, ch1, turn. (6)

Row 4: HDC INC, HDC 4, HDC INC, ch1, turn. (8)

Row 5: HDC across, ch1, turn. (8)

Row 6: HDC INC, HDC 6, HDC INC, ch1, turn. (10)

Row 7: HDC INC, HDC 8, HDC INC, ch1, turn. (12)

Row 8: HDC INC, HDC 10, HDC INC, ch1, turn. (14)

Row 9: HDC INC, HDC 12, HDC INC, ch1, turn. (16)

Row 10: HDC, DC, DC INC, HDC 2, SC 2, SL ST 2, SC 2, HDC 2, DC INC, DC, HDC in last stitch, ch1, turn. (18)

Row 11: SLST, HDC, DC INC, HDC INC, HDC, SC 3, SL ST 2, SC 3, HDC, HDC INC, DC INC, HDC, SL ST, do not ch, do not turn. (22)

SL ST 12 toward point, SL ST, ch 1, SL ST into point, SL ST 12 toward top. When you reach the curved part of the heart skip the SL ST, SL ST in every stitch across. F/O leaving a long tail to attach to front panel of pillow.

Whip stitch the heart to one of the panels using the back loops of the slip stitches.

Begin by working toward the point of the heart and around the other side. When you have both straight sides attached fill heart with Poly-fil. Continue whip stitching to attach top of heart shaping it as you go.


Working into Row 19 of both front and back Panels SC 23, work 3 SC’s into last stitch, SC 22 down side of panels, 3SC in corner, SC 22, 3 SC in corner. At this point you will insert your pillow form. SC 23, SL ST to first SC. F/O.

I hope you enjoy this fun pattern! If you make one I would love to see it! You can tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

If you would like a printable PDF you can find it here

Happy Crocheting! ~Carol

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