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Large free crochet velvet pumpkin pattern

Updated: Jun 13

Create a stunning large modern pumpkin with this crochet velvet pumpkin pattern—perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving décor! Using chunky yarn and a ribbed stitch, this easy and free crochet pattern provides detailed instructions and a how-to tutorial for crafting the velvet pumpkin, stalk, and leaves. Ideal as a table centerpiece, house décor, or festive display, this DIY project offers creative ideas for adding a big, cozy touch to your seasonal decorations.

Large free crochet velvet pumpkin pattern


About the large free crochet velvet pumpkin pattern

I don't think you can get any better than this! Not only are these velvet crochet pumpkins great Fall decorating, they are also so soft, squishy, and cuddly! I seriously just want to sit and hold my big pumpkin while I cuddle up on the couch in the evening. This pattern is a modification of the Bulky Ribbed Pumpkin Pattern, so I will be using some of the same photos for instructional purposes.

The large crochet velvet pumpkin pattern is free and easy. Made using chunky velvet yarn and a ribbed stitch, the comprehensive instructions will teach you how to crochet a giant pumpkin complete with stem and leaves.

About the yarn

The Bernat Velvet yarn by Yarnspirations is the perfect yarn for this project. It comes in a variety of colorways and one skein is all you need to create this size pumpkin. My pumpkin is made in the Golden Moss colorway from JoAnn and I think it is the perfect color for Fall.


Free crochet pattern: Large velvet pumpkin

Crochet pattern information


4.0 mm G crochet hook

1 skein Bernat Velvet Yarn 315 yards

small amount of brown and green yarn for stem and vines

Large Needle for weaving in ends

Poly-fil stuffing


Ch: Chain

HDC: Half Double Crochet

HDCBLO: Half Double Crochet Back Loop Only

SLST: Slip stitch

F/O: Finish off

Free pumpkin crochet pattern


Row 1: Chain 61 HDC in 2nd ch and across, ch1, turn. (60)

For the rest of the stitches you will be working into the loop below the normal top loops of the stitch. I have marked the loops with a yellow dot in the photo below.

Large free crochet velvet pumpkin pattern progress photo

Working into these loops will push the top loops forward and create a rib on the opposite side.

Ribbing tutorial for crochet pumpkin

Row 2: HDC 3rd loop across, inserting hook through the loop from the bottom. Ch 1, turn. (60)

how to crochet a large velvet pumpkin

Rows 3– 66: repeat Row 2. Do not chain 1 at end of row 66.

Fold piece in half and SLST the ends together, F/O leaving a long tail, at least 30”.

(Since both sides have ribs there is no right or wrong side.)

Turn seam from SLST so it is on the inside of the pumpkin.

Thread a large needle onto the tail and begin working the needle through the ribs on the end of the rows all the way around. Pull tight to close.

To secure weave tail back and forth across the opening pulling tight.

Large free crochet pumpkin sewing instructions

Insert hook onto the center of the end you just secured and pull through to opposite end. Stuff pumpkin with Poly-fil and repeat instrucitons to secure second side.

Once your pumpkin is formed, insert the needle through the center of the top of the pumpkin and push through to the bottom, pull to create an indent in the top of the pumpkin, turn and insert needle thought bottom and back to the top. Pull to create indent on bottom. Secure tail.


With Brown

Row 1: CH 11, HDC in 2nd chain and across, ch1, turn. (10)

Row 2: HDCBLO across, ch1, turn. (10)

Rows 3 - 8: Repeat row 2. F/O leaving a long tail.

With a large needle stitch Row 1 to Row 8 to form a stem.


In Brown, Chain 21, work 2 SC into 2nd chain and across. F/O

In Green, Chain 26, work 2 SC into 2nd chain and across. F/O

In Brown, Chain 31, work 2 SC into 2nd chain and across. F/O

Secure Stem and vines to top of pumpkin with a large needle.

Carol Hladik and the Large free crochet velvet pumpkin pattern


Stay in touch

I hope you love your pumpkins! I can't wait to see them!

You can share your photos and tag me on Instagram @carol_hladik_designs or on Facebook at Carol's Creations for You

Happy Crocheting!


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