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Just Roll With It Plushie, Free Crochet Pattern

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Out of Toilet Paper? No Problem, Just Roll With it!

It is no secret that we are facing difficult times right now, and a toilet paper shortage seems to be one of the consequences. To bring a smile to people's faces during this time of uncertainty let me introduce you to the "Just Roll With It Plushie".

The idea of this design came about during a live I was doing on Instagram. I was chatting with some maker friends and telling them about some of my upcoming projects. I have quite a few friends who are expecting right now, so I have some baby rattle ideas I am working on. Of course, that led to the topic of a baby boom in about 9 months and the idea of a toilet paper baby rattle was suggested by Candace Doyle of @craftycrochetbycandace . I loved this idea so much that I made the first Just Roll With It Plushie the next day!

My goal with this project is to bring smiles to everyone's faces. After all, we could all use something to make us laugh and smile! How about playing a game of Hot Potato with a Just Roll With It Plushie, or Pass the Plushie Football? Let's have some fun and spread some smiles!

While the original idea was to make a baby rattle I decided to make mine a regular plushie. If you would like a baby rattle, simply replace the yarn with a cotton yarn and use a 3.75mm F hook. Add a rattle insert while stuffing the plushie with fiber and You're set!

The PDF is available for a small fee in my shops. Etsy


This Pattern is sole property of Carol Hladik Designs. Please do not copy or reproduce in any way.

You are welcome to sell finished items from this pattern, please reference me or the pattern in the link.

You can also find me at:


Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in White and Toasted Almond or similar Worsted Weight (4) Yarn

Size G 4.0 mm hook


Needle for weaving in ends

15mm Safety eyes


Black Embroidery Floss

Sewing Needle


Written in US Terminology

SC: Single Crochet

SLST: Slip stitch

F/O: Finish off

You will work this plushie in 3 pieces and then stitch them together.

When working in the round the first stitch will always be worked in the same stitch as the join.

END PIECES: make 2


Round 1: Work 6 SC into a Magic Circle, pull tight, SLST into first SC, ch1 (6)

Round 2: 2SC into each stitch around, SLST, ch1 (12)

Round 3: *2SC, SC* repeat pattern from * to * around, SLST, change to WHITE, ch1 (18)

Round 4: *2SC, SC 2* Repeat pattern from * to * around, SLST, ch1 (24)

Round 5: *2SC, SC 3* Repeat pattern from * to * around, SLST, ch1 (30)

Round 6: *2SC, SC 4* Repeat pattern from * to * around, SLST, ch1 (36)

Round 7: *2SC, SC 5* Repeat pattern from * to * around, SLST, ch1 (42)

Round 8: *2SC, SC 6* Repeat pattern from * to * around, SLST, F/O (48)


Row 1: Chain 21, SC in 2nd chain and across, ch1, turn. (20)

Row 2: SC across, ch1, turn. (20)

Rows 3 – 62: Repeat Row 2

Row 63: SC across, F/O

Attaching end pieces to body

With a long piece of white yarn and a large needle, line up the edge of an end piece with the corner edge of the body. Insert the needle through the top of the stitches of the end piece (pic 1) and through the edge of the body piece (pic 2). Pull yarn through and then work needle back into the same stitches of the end piece from the bottom to the top (pic 3).

Continue to attach the end piece in this manner until you reach the last stitch of the end piece. Do not cut yarn. Remove needle and repeat instructions for second end piece.

When both ends have been attached all the way around, place safety eyes between 7th and 8th stitch from the top with 8 rows between eyes. Stuff with Poly-fil.

Finish attaching the bottom edge of the body to the end piece until you reach the end last row.

Turn and work up the edge of the piece and securing the overlap until you reach 6 stitches from the top. Working at an angle, stitch toward the top of the roll leaving a corner hanging loose.

To keep the ends of your roll from puffing outward, take a long strand of Toasted Almond color and weave it back and forth through the center of the roll to pull the ends inward.

Weave in all ends.


Using Black Embroidery Floss, separate the floss so you have 3 strands, and thread it onto your sewing needle.

Create Eyebrows. I place my eyebrows slightly above the eyes, and stitch across 2 rows.

Create your mouth by stitching across to the desired length and depth of smile (or smirk) you prefer.


I hope you love this pattern and make lots of Just Roll With It Plushies! Please tag me in photos if you post them, I am looking forward to seeing them!

Happy Crocheting! ~Carol

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