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From Drab to Fab! Recovering an old throw pillow.

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

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Recovering an old pillow with simple crocheted panels is easier than you might think. All you need is some super bulky yarn, a large hook, and a little time.

For this pattern I used Yarn Bee Watercolor Hues in Luna Lines. While this colorway has been discontinued, they do offer other beautiful options.

You can view all of the color options here:



10 mm size N crochet hook

375 yards super bulky (6) weight yarn


Needle for weaving in ends


Pillow form


CH: Chain

HDC: Half Double Crochet

FPHDC: Front Post Half Double Crochet

SL ST: Slip Stitch

F/O: Finish Off

You will begin by making 2 identical panels. These panels are easy to make because you are simply repeating 2 rows until you reach the desired size. My pillow was approximately 17" x 17". You will want to make your starting chain just slightly longer than the pillow.

Panels: Make 2

Row 1: Chain 31, HDC in 2nd chain and across, ch1, turn. (30) For smaller (or larger) pillow forms adjust the starting chain length. Make sure your starting chain is an uneven number of stitches.

Row 2: FPHDC 29, HDC in last stitch, ch1, turn. (30)

Row 3: HDC across, ch1, turn. (30)

Rows 4 – 25, repeat Rows 2 & 3. F/O.

Do not cut yarn on second panel.

Finished panel

Joining the panels: Place panels with wrong sides facing each other and SC across the bottom working 3 SC stitches into corner. Turn to work up side of panels. You will be working a SC into the space before each raised rib row and after each raised rib row. (See photos below for stitch placement.) Work 3 SC stitches into corner, SC across top of panels. Insert pillow form and SC across the final side. SL ST into the first stitch of the edging and F/O. Weave in all ends and enjoy!

Insert hook into the space before the raised rib row.

Make sure you insert the hook into the same space on the back panel so your rows line up.

Insert hook into space after the Ribbed Row.

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