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Free Crochet Blanket Pattern in 7 sizes: The Everyday Crochet Blanket

Create beautiful modern blankets with this free crochet blanket pattern. The Everyday Crochet Blanket is an unique and stylish design that puts a new spin on the traditional striped blanket. Whether you chose to use multiple colors with leftover yarn, or create a solid color blanket you are sure to love the simple two row repeat that will have you making blankets for everyone you know from newborn babies to adults! Made using the shell stich and aran or worsted weight yarn, the free crochet blanket pattern is easy enough for advanced beginners to try. The gender neutral design and size options means this afghan crochet pattern can be loved by everyone, whether you want a large throw for men, or a small blanket for a baby girl.

A brown, cream, and pink striped crocheted blanket laying across a couch from the Free Crochet Blanket Pattern in 7 sizes: The Everyday Crochet Blanket
Everyday Crochet Blanket

About the Everyday Crochet Blanket

I was given the opportunity to try the Everyday Acrylic XL yarn from Hobbii, and my daughter had just asked me to make her a crochet blanket. It was perfect timing. I let her choose the colors, and then I chose the design.

I knew right away that I wanted to crochet a striped blanket, but I didn't want the stripes to be straight. I had already created a chevron blanket for her husband, and I thought it would be fun to make something that had a similar feel, but with softer edges. After making a few swatches, I settled on this blanket pattern which creates a fun illusion when you look at it from different angles. The diagonal stripes are created with a series of shell stitches, and single crochet stitches. It makes a perfect Netflix binge watching project, or in the passenger seat on a long drive project. (Ask me how I know!)

Free Crochet Blanket Pattern in 7 sizes: The Everyday Crochet Blanket - close up image

When you look at the fabric created with this stitch pattern you will see a series of vertical lines all the way across the blanket. These lines created by the single crochet stitches being worked into the center of the shell stitches give the crochet blanket another dimension beyond the colorful stipes.

I used Hobbii Everyday Acrylic XL worsted weight yarn for this blanket.

At the time of this post, this yarn is not for sale on the Hobbii site. They do have some other yarn options that would work just as well. The one that is the closest is their Amigo XL.

Any worsted weight yarn will work. Make the blanket you own by using your favorite yarn and colors!


Copyright Notice

Pattern is sole property of Carol Hladik Designs. Please do not copy or reproduce in any way. 

You are welcome to sell finished items made from this pattern, but please credit me as the designer in your posts.


Upgrade the pattern

If you would like to purchase an AD FREE PDF to download you can find it here on Ravelry or Etsy. Purchased PDF includes charts with suggested color changes for rows.


This contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission from purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.


Free crochet blanket pattern, folded sofa blanket

Free Crochet Pattern: The Everyday Crochet Blanket

Crochet Pattern Information

Pattern instructions written for sizes Baby (Toddler, Sm Throw, Lg Throw) (Twin, Queen, King)


US I / 5.5 mm Crochet hook

Hobbii Everyday Acrylic XL, weight (4) medium/worsted, 100% Acrylic, 218 yards / 3.5 oz per skein

Color A: Grey Brown (05)

Color B: Wheat (04)

Color C: Ecru (02)

Color D: Bubblegum Pink (31)

Tapestry Needle



4” square = 10 sts x 8 rows (unstretched)





Finished Measurements:




Yards / meters

Color A

4/3 RPS

Color B

4/3 RPS

Color C

4/3 RPS

Color D

4/3 RPS


36” / 90cm

36” / 90cm

975 / 895






36” / 90cm

48” / 120cm

1300 / 1190





Small Throw

60” / 150cm

52” / 130cm

2350 / 2150





Large Throw

60” / 150cm

72” / 180cm

3250 / 2975






66” / 165cm

90” / 225cm

4475 / 4095






80” / 200cm

90” / 225cm

5450 / 4985






90” / 225cm

108” /270cm

7350 / 6725





*RPS: Rows per stripe. If only one number is listed than the yardages are the same for either version. Numbers are rounded to the nearest 5, so may not equal the total yardage number.

Most blankets will not work out to be symmetrical without adjusting the length.  Charts for 4 rows per color and 3 rows per color have been provided at the end of the pattern. Please note that adding/ subtracting rows will alter the amount of yarn needed.

Sample is Large Throw Size. I worked the colors in the following order: A, B, C, D, C, B, A, D repeating four total times. I added length to the blanket to make it symmetrical finishing with A, B, C, D, C, B, A. The blanket has a total of 156 rows and measures 78” In length.

Striped blanket free crochet pattern

Stitch Abbreviations:

ch: chain

dc: double crochet

FO: Finish Off / Fasten Off

rep: repeat

sc: single crochet

sk: skip

st(s): stitch

*[ ]Indicates the beginning and end of a rep within a row


  • This pattern is worked in turned rows and features a two row repeat stitch pattern.

  • For the sample I worked 4 rows per stripe.

Free Crochet Pattern :

Ch 146 (146, 242, 242) (266, 322, 362)

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch, [ch1, sk3, (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in next ch, ch 1, sk 3, sc], repeat [to] across, turn. (18 (18, 30, 30) (33, 40, 45) repeats)

Row 2: ch 3 (counts as a dc), 2 dc in first sc, ch 1, sc in ch 1 sp between dc sts, [ch 1, (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in next sc, ch 1, sc in ch 1 sp between dc sts], repeat [to] to last sc, 3 dc in last st, turn.

Row 3: ch 1, sc in first dc, [ch 1, (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in sc, ch 1, sc in ch 1 sp between dc sts], repeat [to] across to last st, sc in last dc st, turn.

Repeat Rows 2 – 3 until you have worked 72 (96, 104, 144) (180, 180, 216) total rows, or to desired length. At the end of the last row, ch 1, turn to sc down the side of the blanket. Work 2 sc into each dc row and 1 sc into each sc row across. Fasten off, reattach in the opposite edge and repeat for second side. This sc row will help keep your blanket from over stretching, and gives it a nice finished look.

Helpful information:

If working 4 rows per color, you will have 18 (24, 26, 36) (45, 45, 54) stripes.

If working 3 rows per color, you will have 24 (32, 35*, 48) (60, 60, 72) stripes. (*increase small throw to 105 rows)

Purchased PDF on Etsy and Ravelry have the rows broken down in a chart for easy reference.


Stay in touch

I hope you love your finished blanket! I would love to see photos, so if you share, please tag me on social media @carol_hladik_designs so I can see it. I would also appreciate you referencing my blog so I can keep adding more free patterns for you to make!

Happy Crocheting!

~ Carol

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