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Bring on Spring! Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Updated: Jun 6

Discover the best free dishcloth crochet pattern that's perfect for your spring clean routine! This easy and simple tutorial guides you through creating a unique and modern wash cloth using cotton yarn. With clear instructions and straightforward stitches, even advanced beginners can crochet a beautiful and functional dishcloth. Whether you're new to crocheting or looking for a quick and satisfying project, this pattern offers everything you need. Enhance your kitchen with this stylish and free dishcloth crochet pattern today!

Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern
Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

About the Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Uncover the ultimate free dishcloth crochet pattern, ideal for your spring cleaning tasks! This straightforward tutorial walks you through crafting a unique and contemporary washcloth with cotton yarn. Jazz up your kitchen with this stylish and free dishcloth crochet pattern today!

Mother Nature seems to be a little confused. We experienced Spring here in Kansas, for about a week, and then Winter returned. While we didn't receive the 8+ inches of snow that some other parts of the country received, the temperatures did get below freezing. I am thankful that I didn't get out and plant flowers during that brief warm spell!

While we wait for Mother Nature to decide what season it is outside, why not Bring on Spring on the inside with some adorable floral dish clothes? These Bring on Spring Dish cloths are perfect for adding a little color to your kitchen, and the texture is great for cleaning the countertops and the dishes.

About the Yarn

Cotton Yarn is perfect for making dish clothes. Here are three I used to make mine. No matter which brand you chose, you are going to love this free dishcloth crochet pattern.

Yarn Used For Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Lily Sugar 'n Cream Cotton Yarn is available at Walmart, so it is easy to grab while you are there for your weekly run, but they are limited on color choices and each store is different. I have also found this yarn online at Michael's. This yarn is a little stiff and holds up great to washing, but I find the color doesn't stay as vibrant as before washing. $2.09 for 95 yards. Browse the colors

Yarn recommendation

Knit Picks Dishie Yarn is a new yarn for me to work with. You do have to order it online and wait for it to come in. I received this ball as a gift and loved the way it worked up. A little less stiff than the Sugar 'n Cream yarn and the color is great. (Although this one is called Crème Brulee and I have never seen any Crème Brulee this color). I have yet to wash it, so I don't know how the color holds, but the site claims "machine washable and stays bright and colorful wash after wash". Pricewise it is a Great buy! $2.99 for 190 yards. Check out all of the great color options.

Yarn for Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton has become my favorite cotton yarn to work with over the years. It is so incredibly soft and stays bright after washing. However, the price tag is a little higher than the others. $3.79 for 153 yards. They have a great color selection too. Check out the full line.


Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern
Top Blue: Lily Sugar 'n Cream, Golden: Knit Picks Dishie, Varigated: Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton


Free dishcloth crochet pattern - Bring on spring

Crochet pattern information

Project Materials:

50 yards Cotton Yarn

I 5.5mm crochet hook

Yarn Needle


Crochet Abbreviations:

CH: Chain

SLST: Slip Stitch

SC: Single Crochet

HDC: Half Double Crochet

BPHDC: Back Post Half Double Crochet

YO: Yarn Over

CS: Cluster Stitch: YO, insert hook into space, YO, pull up a loop, 3 loops on hook, YO, insert hook into same space, YO, pull up a loop, 5 loops on hook, YO, insert hook into space, YO, pull up a loop, 7 loops on hook, YO, insert hook into space, YO, pull up a loop, 9 loops on hook, YO, pull though all 9 loops. Chain 1 to finish off.

Crochet Pattern Notes:

Chain counts as first stitch of each round

End of round, SLST into first stitch of round

Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Round 1: 8 SC into Magic Circle, pull tight, SLST into first SC of round. (8)

Round 2: Ch1, 2SC into each SC around, SLST. (16)

Round 3: Ch1, *2HDC, HDC*, repeat pattern from * to * around, SLST. (24)

Round 4: Ch1, *2HDC, HDC 2*, repeat pattern from * to * around, SLST. (32)

Round 5: Ch1, BPHDC around, SLST. (32)

Round 6: Ch1, BPHDC around, SLST. (32)

Round 7: Ch2, *BPHDC, ch1* around, SLST. (32)

Round 8: Ch2, CS into each ch1 space around SLST. (32 CS)

For the next Row you will be working into the top of the cluster and into the closing chain. See red dots on photo below for reference.

Close Up Of Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Round 9: ch1, *(HDC, DC) in same stitch, 3DC, (DC, HDC) into the same stitch, SC* repeat pattern * to * 14 more times, (HDC, DC) in same stitch, 3DC, (DC, HDC), SLST into ch1, F/O. (16 petals, 128 stitches)

Blue Free Dishcloth Crochet Pattern


Stay in touch

I would love to see your finished Bring on Spring Dish cloths! Use #bringonspringdishcloth on Instagram.

Happy Crocheting! Carol

Carol Hladik

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